Field of Dreams

Dream – a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it permeated your every thought? Nothing you did could keep that one thing from your mind for very long….

Now imagine that dream being shared across an entire species through time and space.

From the beginning of time humans were looking up and wondering. Dreaming…

Of all the abilities of every species on the face of the planet, one was very limited. Beast of land were free to go into the ocean and swim. Even some creatures from the sea were able to venture onto land. Of all the amazing and fanciful creatures on the planet, only the select few with wings could leave the surface at will and FLY where they wanted as they pleased. Humans could not.

Humans could, however, dream and dream we did.

From the mythology of Daedalus and Icarus through the Wright Brothers with the Kitty Hawk right to modern day with the sorely missed Concorde, A350, Antonov AN-225 Mriya, and even the aptly named Dreamliner. We have dreamed and continue to dream so many dreams of flight. Maybe that’s why one of my favorite movies is A City In The Sky which explains so much of this side of the world of flight.

After years of looking to the skies and telling myself so many tales of the people and places the planes above me had seen and been seen by across the world, I have moved into the field of aviation. I do a variety of things in the actual airport for an airline. From ticketing, to the boarding gate, and the baggage service office there are no dull moments and no shortage of amazing people with dreams.

The more I get to know the various, dope, individuals across the many disciplines and companies in this industry, the more I realize we all landed (get it?) here in pursuit of dreams. We came for varied reasons and many have sundry destinations but we are united by one commonality. We’re birds and we were all meant to fly.

Daily, airlines take to the skies for many reasons ranging from leisure and sport to cargo and medical. Individuals on this side of the industry also have our much more personal reasons to to fly.

There’s the multiple time founder that created his first airline to bring humanity back to travel. There’s the airport operations agent that came to be able to fly, at will, between her parents on separate coasts. There’s the cool Air Traffic Controller who saw the wildness of the skies and said “I can handle this.” There are more than a few pilots that took flight to be able to go back to The Bahamas and Jamaica to show their mom, family, and communities the world. I guess you can say the travel benefits of being a bird or being related to a bird are pretty amazing.

I can remember very vividly, the ground operations agent that was ADAMANT that his son should have the much better seat for their trip to LAX if a choice had to be made. Rest easy Chuck.

I, as is often the case, am complicated with my reasons for joining the world of birds. I learned about the world of flight early and a bit dramatically. The pilots flying then may not have known but, they were flying to save a life. My brother was flying MIA to MEM and back at least once a month to receive life saving treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

From there I dreamed of flying to the corners of the world to bring more children to treatment and all of the fascinating, happy places I read about in the encyclopedias and borrowed magazines sprawled all over the floor.I still call my mum before every trip to remind her she’s the one that sparked the idea and opened the door to the world.

In recent years I have started to travel farther and more often. Road trips and chartered flights were the primary means of domestic travel. Many, many miles chasing a pigskin with 130 of my closest friends. If I was going international, it was usually with family or friends that are de facto family on a plane.

In none of these trips did my travel partners truly understand my obsession with every aspect of the travel process. Even the way I looked at planes confused many of them. They understood it much more when I moved my life trajectory from one field to a completely different one. I jumped from a field where I had been very passionate and effective over into the field of dreams.

From the beginning it has been both rewarding and taxing. There have been some long and odd hours with no shortage of interesting happenings. There’s also this weird new ability. Imagine saying “I get off at 1100 today so I’ll fly up to have cheesecake in NYC since I have to be there for the new release and come back before the family trip tomorrow” or , much more importantly, putting a coworker (still in uniform) on a flight to catch his dad’s last moments in this world.

That one broke me down. My fingers had never moved so fast to book a ticket. I looked up and another agent handed me a tissue and reminded me that’s the beauty of this field, we can come and go as we please or need even when it hurts like that one.

Right now, at my first year in, the entire field is hurting as most of the world is gripped by the first modern pandemic. Far fewer planes are flying. The terminals are empty.

Our world is living a nightmare right now. As we navigate through this weather, the one dream we all hold to is the oldest dream, flight. We still dream of going places to see and experience different vibes and cultures. We dream of holding and hugging loved ones we cannot get to in this very moment.

Holding to that collective dream from all aspects is how we hold hope that this will all pass and the dream will live on. The planes will return from the deserts and the seats will fill again. The dream that allows humanity to dream will live on.

Welcome to The Field of Dreams


 Gratuitous aircraft photos because I’m an #AvGeek and it’s what we do 🤷🏽‍♂️

 Oh! This guy is definitely dreaming and ready to fly!


Much love and thanks to the family and friends that pushed and supported me in these bird-brained dreams! Much more to come!

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to follow me on social media @ RandyHenleyJr for Twitter, IG, and Cashapp if you want to go in on these flight lessons 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

Hopefully I’ll see you again soon in the friendly skies or crossing paths in an airport. Until then, hold tight and be safe. We’re bound to fly again.

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A Year In

Hi guys! Welcome back to my You… Wait! This is not my Youtube channel! I actually need to get that back up and running after accidentally deleting all of the videos during a branding conversion. Real Randy like, huh? 🤦🏽‍♂️

The YouTube will be back soon enough.

At any rate, I’m writing this as I close on a year in an industry that I only imagined I would see as a child. Aviation. In case you’ve been under a rock (or just waiting for an update as I dragged tail) I work with planes and thangs.

As previously stated… Don’t you hate when people say that as if they can’t just reiterate or recap? Like ” just say it again!” LOL

So, I went from three very unique offices as the lead health educator and HIV testing coordinator on one of the largest and most known HBCU (please tell me you know what that is) campuses. I went down through several jobs and gigs to make ends almost sorta kinda get close to meeting. It ain’t been easy!

Changing Lanes

Now I’m closing a year in the business that my mom and brother inspired in me and, although the hours are odd and long and the days can be trying, I’m glad I’m here.

A typical day may include checking customers in for their flights to fun and exotic place or actually boarding them and sending the plane.

On any given day I’m a counselor again. I may be a dance buddy for a kid or just a leaning post for a weary elder looking for their gate.

I’ve actually been the punching bag for a few angry customers that thought it proper to hurl obscenities to voice their frustrations. That never lasts long and is NOT a good idea. Things work differently in the terminal.

I’m usually vacillating somewhere between exhausted and bouncing on caffeine. Usually broke or as close to it as I’ll allow which is still more than I’d like. The hours are odd and long at this point but I’m told it gets better.

In this process, somehow I lost what I thought were close bonds and saw people leave me to drown. Some of the ones I thought would be in my tower to help direct during the storms left me cold and confused. When The Darkness Comes

I had to remember who I was and which fires I was forged in to remember who and what I didn’t need in this next phase of life.

Traveling again (solo or with the short one) made a world of difference.

It sucks to see life bonds die while the people are yet alive but se lavi.

All in all it’s sweet and I’ve met some amazing people along the way already. Bebe and Deeca, y’all stuck with me baby!

These trenches forged our bonds on 3am starts and midnight clock outs.

It’s just the beginning. Set your seat in the upright position and buckle in. Stick around and see where I take this path I’m forging.

I’m the meantime, check my Instagram and Twitter content or Cashapp ya boy for flight lessons 😅 @ / RandyHenleyJr on all

Changing Lanes

Let’s be honest. I’m writing this piece partially from a place of anger. As I sit here, slowly ascending from sleep the closer the shuttle gets to the airfield.

Somehow the draft I started six months ago has disappeared. I read it religiously and even told myself I’d finish, edit, and post it one day. One day… I guess WordPress had other plans.

At any rate…

I am in the middle of completing a lane change and it is wearing me thin. If I had hair, I’m almost certain it would be gone by now.

I went from a respected Health Educator/ HIV Tester/Counselor on one of the most known and respected campuses in the South down through a stint of unemployment, a few odd jobs, and eventually this position I hold now. I no longer maintain three offices and sit in on budget or event planning committee meetings (I am always available for consulting) as a regular part of my lifestyle.

I’ve been called all types of crazy, lazy and any derogatory thing in the range even by people I had broken my plate to feed. It was even said that I needed to learn to be a man.  I guess I should have stayed ikn a place where I was no longer thriving. A place that I was of no benefit and struggling to maintain tread.

Ok… Man… It goes on.


At one point I was an overnight security officer and another point I was a porter for a Nissan car dealership. Many odd hours and loads of disrespect later, I am settling into my new lane to maneuver onto the path I sometimes think I should have been on for a long time now.

I cant lie. The odd hours and the rigidity of the schedule kick me square in the teeth hard and often. Over the years as an educator, I grew accustomed to the schedule my students worked best on. Clinic doors opened at 0800 and most staff was there at least an hour before that. Randy came spinning around in the coupe about 0927 or so but I stayed many nights long after normal hours or held later hours at my other offices on campus. DEDICATION!

Now I am in the realm of aviation and a posted time is not up for debate. It’s the rule and will be explained if you are off by one minute at any point.

I was the athletic trainer that the whole department told small tales about time because, although I was a good worker, I was TERRIBLE at timely appearances. Bus leaving at 7:40am? Better tell Randy 7:00 and he may show up by 7:10 with the coupe leaning around the stadium corners on two wheels and, of course, he’s not fully dressed…

Now? Staff briefing starts at 0300 and Randy is there (or right outside the door) in a full uniform with badges included. I’m speaking in third person until I can be certain these Randy’s are one and the same.

I am not where I want to land but I’m definitely well on my way and these changes…  The changes are real. I’m interested to see what becomes of Randy as this process continues.

To those that could not continue to ride right now, I understand. Please understand if the new lane and route does not allow me to reconnect with you in the future.

Sidenote: I’ll be back to talk about the darker parts of changing lanes including this love/detest relationship I now have with coffee and other caffeine products.


World AIDS Day (to advocates)

December 1, 2018 is World AIDS Day (#WAD or #WAD18 on social media) and this is the thirtieth year of this annual commemoration. A day to remember those we have lost in the fight and to celebrate or encourage those still fighting. This is also a day to educate the masses on the virus and the many strides we have made yet have left to go in the fight.

At 32 years old, I have never lived in a world where HIV and AIDS didn’t exist.

As a child, I heard the elders in the community and in church whispering about my brother being “too sick too often” and how he “might have it.” I even fought a few kids whose ignorant parents had told them that my brother had AIDS. Beat them black and blue…

He wasn’t born with HIV or AIDS. He was born with congenital neutropenia which presented a lot like many knew AIDS to present. This confusion is how I was introduced to HIV/AIDS at an early age. Who knew I’d eventually run the education and testing program at one of the largest HBCU campuses?

As it stands today,  the United Nations has reported 36.9 million people around the world are living with HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) places that number at 1.1 million within the United States.

I will not go into the demographic here. It is, however, in the links I’ve embedded.

Today I want to do something a little different. I want to show love and support for those on the front line fighting this virus. To the educators, testers, counselors, advocates, healthcare workers, and researchers, I see you.

We see the tireless efforts and countless hours. Videos, programs, blogs, conferences, webinars, meetings….. We see and thank you for the miles you put on your cars and bodies. We know the many many times you wanted to ( easily could have) break down and give up the fight.

I am fast approaching a year since I took a break form the formal fight.

I know those late night calls, those office corner meltdowns, those parking lot screams to heaven…

It gets HARD in the field and they tell us not to take it so personal but… We got into the field because we cared and that’s what keeps us going. That’s what keeps the fight strong within us.

Many see us laughing and teaching condom use or role playing. They don’t see us SPEEDING across town at odd hours to talk a client (I wish I knew the word to encompass how we truly feel) back from the ledge. The hunting for clients who have fallen out of care and society in  general…

I will never forget a single time a client collapsed into emotion regardless of results given. I can still see and hear the room from every single time I gave back a “reactive” test result. I can still hear the echoes of clients calling to say they couldn’t do it anymore.

I should have been in regularly scheduled therapy sessions long ago as a part of maintenance.

It’s a lot and I come to you on this day to acknowledge you, thank you, and petition you. I need you to make certain you are also taking care of you. Mentally, emotionally taking care of yourself. It gets hard in the field but I need you to know that you need to check in on YOU as well.

Whether that means a therapist, a vacation, or a hobby, I am here for it. I’m here for you.

Don’t burn out. Don’t be like me.

When The Darkness Comes

Like a storm rolling in from across the sea, the darkness comes. Some days we see the storm approaching like a hurricane and can prepare as best we know how. Other days it comes as suddenly as a lightning bolt pierces the once peaceful sky over The Great Plains.

Either way, it’s intimidating and oftentimes paralyzing. You know it’s coming but what can you do? You feel helpless. Very rarely is it a false alarm and even then the anxiety alone does enough damage.

The usual questions begin.

-How long do I have before it hits?

-How bad does it get?

-What and who will I lose on this cycle?

-How long will it be dark this time?

-WHAT will help pull me through this time?

-How much of me will get left this time around?

-What will be the physical effects this time?

You never can really tell at the onset, huh?

If you or anyone you know has dealt with mood or mental disorders, you know the dread. You’ve known these questions. You may have even helped to answer these questions.

As the world becomes more connected, we are exposed to more people. This has also brought experiences with the mental differences of others.

We now know and recognize mental health as more than an abstract idea. We see it as a scientific phenomenon that can be observed and explained. At times, even directed and controlled.

Many are even trained to recognize many of the signs of more common disorders. These include depression, anxiety, and eating disorders among others.

Recognize these signs or at least the mental health professionals that can recognize these signs. Go boldly in the direction of understanding the unique workings of your mental/ psychosocial faculties.

This is the path to owning and controlling your mental health.

Some days Life has a way of offering you a hug and cake then kicking you in the crotch and spitting on you. (not always in that order) It happens to us all and you don’t have to be ashamed that life has gotten you down.

I’m not okay and that’s okay. I know it so I will be. I will seek the guidance and do the work in order to be. — This has to be your mantra

For those at or nearing the end of your rope, hold on and cry out or reach out. There is someone that can do something.

If you may need help:

Ask your physician or local clinic staff for a mental health professional

Most college campuses have licensed mental health counselors and it’s covered in your fees.

Many community centers provide various support groups.

National SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline – 18777264727

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 18002738255 or chat line


I’ll Fly Away

We’d sit in the wide open window for hours every night and watch the planes come in. Mom was at work and dad was a thousand miles away in Florida. Who was going to make us stop dreaming and go to bed? Why would they?  We were caged birds singing our songs and it was beautiful.

Getwell Gardens was a public housing development situated about three blocks from Memphis International (MEM) and the FedEx Hub. Living on the landing side of the airport, we were so close I never saw a plane that didn’t have landing gear down. It took an encyclopedia (WorldBook) for me to learn that the gear wasn’t always down.

In short, we were addicted to planes. When you’re living in those conditions, you need an outlet. You need hope. If you don’t have hope, you’ll root down into your circumstances and get stuck. Your soul will wither and you’ll think this is all you should ever know. You’ll die long before your death. We had our planes and encyclopedias.

We would sit up and imagine all of the amazing places the rich people from the other side of town were returning from. We went over all of the fun and wild things they had done on their travels. We even discussed all of the wild and zany things that were passing through the FedEx Hub that Mom worked at during the night.

Then we planned all of the places we would go someday and the things we would do when we got there. It was all imagination but, it was enough to keep us going when the circumstances would have stopped us.

The only one of us that had ever been on a plane was Brandon. We were born in the port city, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Shortly after birth, the doctors knew something was different about Brandon. He got sick very easily and very often. After a barrage of tests, they delivered a hard message to my 22yo mother of three. Brandon was diagnosed with congenital neutropenia. If she did not get Brandon to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital in Memphis, he would not live to see age one. My mom had never even left south Florida.

There was no time to waste feeling sorry and dejected. Moves had to be made immediately.

St. Jude… Everything you’ve heard is real! I’m actually fighting tears as I type this. We all know I don’t have the money to replace this Surface right now.

When St. Jude got the call, they immediately moved into action. They told my mom not to worry about a thing beyond keeping a smile on Brandon’s face. They have a system in place with their partners. EVERYTHING is covered. From the flight to lodging and everything between, it’s covered.

St. Jude stepped in to save my brother and their partner Northwest Airlines (now Delta) made certain my mom and brother were there every time St. Jude called. They called OFTEN.

Brandon would often tell us about the flights and how friendly the staff was. He loved the flight attendants and how they would give him as many snacks as he liked. I can only imagine the comforting support those flight attendants gave to so many families

From his first flight, Brandon was infatuated with travel. It didn’t take long for the wanderlust to spread. My first trip was the move from Miami to Memphis. Mom had decided it would be better to relocate in order to be closer to St. Jude as there were times Brandon needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Our first trip for leisure would come later, much later. Our first trip would be a church bus trip to Chicago to sing and it was a BLAST! Our first flight came a couple of years after that when we drove to Nashville (BNA) to fly to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) for the summer. Unaccompanied minors, you’d think we would be terrified. NOPE! My little brother had already told us what to expect and flight attendants take special care of unaccompanied minors.

Nashville (BNA) to Tampa (TPA) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) was may first flight. It’s true what they say. Some of us have something buried deep in us and once it’s tapped the wanderlust takes us. Planes, trains, or automobiles… Whether it was across town or across country, I needed to get out and see the world.

Here it is, years later and I’ve been on more trips than Mrs. Frizzle and crew. First road trip (car): Miami to Memphis. First flight: Nashville to Fort Lauderdale. First bus trip: Memphis to Chicago.

Years (and many trips) later, I’m still that kid looking out into the night sky and wondering where wandering will take me. Wondering what amazing people I’ll be able to take on the journey with me.

Who knows what’s next… Let me reach up my sleeves and see what’s in store. I hope the world is ready. 😉

Let’s Run It!

I owe a special debt of gratitude to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Delta Airlines. I could never repay you for teaming up to save my little brother. Thank you!

I Wanna See The World

Like most kids from Anyghetto, USA, I wasn’t supposed to travel. I wasn’t supposed to see the world beyond my tv screen. The confines of my little ghetto were all that I was supposed to know and want in life.

It’s funny how life happens. Especially when you have the audacity of hope…

When we were living in the last housing project we would be residents of in Memphis, Shynelle started catching the church bus to Olivet Baptist Church across town. Eventually it became a family thing. We joined the youth choir and all. We were the poor kids but most kids didn’t know or care. We were more kids to play with. It was lit!

Shortly after a major violent event in the housing project, the church gave my mom keys to a duplex on the property and a part time job that covered the rent plus. Our closest family of friends had already moved to a house across the street. We were OUT of the projects!

Life wasn’t perfect but Mom was working three jobs to make things happen for us. She made sure we had life experiences through the school and church. We didn’t have everything we wanted but our needs were met and many of our wants were provided. “We was eating name brand!”

Through school, church, and community programs I sang, stepped, acted, played sports, did photography/journalism, ran a printing press, opened a business, and danced. Then in 1999 I started to travel. It was a wrap from there.

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t even expected. The youth choir at church was traveling to Chicago to sing with a sister church. I wanted to go. I never really expected to be able to go as we didn’t have the money for things like travel.

Money was actually so tight that I can remember very distinct and disparaging events around money as if they happened this morning. The one that always stands out is a reward field trip.

I had made straight A’s for the academic period and the school’s reward was a field trip across town to the movies. It didn’t cost much but, we didn’t have a lot then and everything counted. I can remember my mom in the room of that apartment in the projects rolling pennies to make sure I could go on the trip. Her baby had achieved something and she was adamant that I would not miss the trip. For her, it was a lesson in celebration of achievement.

Seeing that changed me. Remembering that moment still changes me from time to time. From there, I decided that I would see the world and she would always know she opened that door for me to fly. I would work hard for opportunities and when they arrived, I would see the world. It took a few years but, Chicago happened.

Chicago was an orchestrated effort between Mom, the ladies over the youth choir, and Mrs. Eddie Mae Williams. She was an older woman that was known in the church for her fashion, her big heart, and a unique signature. She had a grey patch in the front of her head, slightly off to the right. Each and every Sunday that patch had the lightest rinse to match perfectly to the color dress she was wearing that day. I always thought it was so cool to be able to do whatever you want when you want and that was how I actually met her. I would find her after church to see what she had on and if her hair was colored to match. It always was.

When I found out that she had sponsored my trip, I was amazed. Although I was considered a rough kid from the other side of town, she saw something in me. She said that I needed to see the world outside of that which I had known so long. This would change me forever. She would go on to sponsor trips to St. Louis and Washington D.C. as well. She was adamant about exposing me to more than what I had known. From there I wanted to see, feel, hear, smell, and RUN THE WORLD.

Thus far, I’ve done just that. Countless domestic trips for business, leisure, running, and everything in between plus a few internationals later and I’m still going.

I want kids (and adults) from the same circumstances to see the world through my eyes until they can get out and see it for themselves.

In that last housing project (Getwell Gardens) we were three blocks from Memphis International and the FedEx hub. I’d watch plane after plane come and go. I’d make up stories about where they were coming from or going. For the FedEx planes I even made up tales of the cargo they were carrying. Wanderlust found me early.

I had a kid tell me that my trip to The Bahamas “don’t count” since I’m from Florida and it’s so close. Travel snobbery will have you ashamed to even leave the house if it isn’t a GRAND experience. LOL! Let that go! Anytime you come off the porch, whether it’s across town or the globe, it exposes and changes you. It matters.

You can’t run the world if you won’t go see the world.

Run the World!

Aight, so

If you’ve met me or even read a post on any of my social media, you know I like to travel and I like to run. I was running from the time I learned to stand upright and I have been traveling since I went to Chicago to sing  (yeah, to sing) when I was about 12 years old. *unless you count moving from Miami to Memphis*

I don’t sit still and even when I get to a new place I want to run it. Many people travel with the intentions of trying new foods and seeing new clubs or bodies. I travel with the intention of running it when I arrive. Many times I’ll actually plan the hotel or map out the location in advance to get an idea of where I’ll be in relation to bodies of water and major landmarks.

Whether it’s a landmark/monument or just nature being nature, I’ve never gone on a run where I didn’t see something interesting

Be it the Crystal City zone outside of D.C., the beaches of Bavaro, Dominican Republic, or the heat and dust of Norman Oklahoma, I want to run it!

I want to run the world!

After the incident in 2015, I told myself I would travel more to see what I almost missed and I would appreciate my body more by tuning and training. I’ve done both! lol

Let’s see…

Fort Lauderdale– That’s Bae… That’s home!

Miami– more than sand and palm trees… From Liberty to Carol Mart and back to Gould’s, the run is always lit

Memphis- Gosh! I spent the bulk of my childhood here. It wasn’t always easy but I learned a lot! Yes, the city really does smell like bbq when you land and the history is richer than our new presidential cabinet. Orange Mound raised me! Golden Wildcat for life!

Tallahassee– do these count?



Jacksonville– before I worked at the Silver Fox lol


Atlanta- FILA

Nashville- LOL!!! A lil boy from the ghettos of Memphis ran Opryland. I danced on the steps of the Grand Ole Opry too 

Charleston- running to the capitol and seeing that flag…

Orangeburg- The Legend of The Fire Breathing Dragon LOL

Norfolk…. my first trip with FAMU Football and it was lit. My brothers’ keeper…

Virginia Beach

Myrtle Beach

Baltimore– I actually got lost for 7 miles listening to Mystikal lol

Dover Delaware– flew into Wilmington but did NOT have donuts and coffee or see the Wretched LOL

Norman OK– random desert storms are a real and dangerous thing! lol

Jackson MS

Solidaridad Mexico- my first international trip… I can’t even explain to you. I was still on med restrictions and barely allowed to run but it was beautiful. Family is everything to me

Bavaro Dominican Republic– MAMA JUANA!!! Beautiful place with a rich history. Gotta get back to Hispaniola

Manaus Brazil- I didn’t get to run at all as an agreement with my family and friends. None of us had ever even heard of the city and safety was a major concern but next time the city is mine

Washington DC- This city always has something for me. Not just the Potbelly’s oatmeal chocolate chip or Dream Bar either! LOL! The last time I ran my first half marathon in sub-30 temperatures! 

Basically, all this is to say GO SEE THE WORLD! Across town or across the planet…

Take care of your body and go see the world! I just happened to fall in love with a way to do both at once. I’m a runner baby and I want to run the world!

Where to next? 

Come run with me on social media:

Instagram: RandyHenleyJr

Facebook: Randy Skyy Henley

Twitter: RandyHenleyJr

Youtube: Randy Henley

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Fight to Get Fit

The road to fitness is not one for the faint of heart. There are times where you just want to say FCUK THIS over a spread of Southern fried chicken, stuffed crust pizza, and an endless supply of ice cream and soda. Oh! FRIES!!!! LOTS and lots of FRIES!

Then you realize why you started and (hopefully) you pull yourself back on the proper course to a healthier you. A you that doesn’t get winded on the daily flight of stairs… Maybe a you that can go the extra round or three in the uhhh…Yeah

Kicking tires

Whatever your impetus for getting healthier, you are here and the work is real. So are the rewards. The only nagging problem? You have to get beyond those pesky miles, stupid squats, and evil burpees to get to the healthier you. This can be a daunting task if done alone or without a plan. Hell… Even with a plan, it can be a struggle.

That’s where good and realistic support groups come in. I can’t be the only one that’s sick of seeing people proclaim how easy it is to get and maintain the body of your dreams when they don’t have to account for the other responsibilities of adulting.

It’s hard as hell to work 50+ hours each week on a clock, build your brand off the clock, and get in good, solid workouts. I catch myself juggling and hitting the “inny minny” on a regular basis. We won’t even get into eating healthy and filling meals on a poor budget with outrageous time constraints! Talk about a balancing act! HOWEVER, it is possible and there are people around you figuring this thing out and we are willing to help you in this fight.

It won’t ever be easy but it doesn’t have to stay this hard forever. We set small goals and monitor those goals while pushing one another for greater. We even give tips and pointers for ways to understand your numbers and how they feed your goals.

For about a year now I’ve been an avid member of the Fitbit community and the connections have been very useful and even pulled me through some episodes where I didn’t care about my goals and body. In short, it’s dope! I have the Charge HR and I’m loving it. Maybe you should get one.


I don’t feel like it. I haven’t felt like it in some time. I’m always at work and so dang busy.


I can’t. My mind is too clouded and I am hurting.


What will I write about? No one wants to hear about the hell I’ve been through. No one needs to know about the struggles I’m facing.


For what?!? Who cares? NOBODY! No one wants to see the dark and ugly side of the journey I’m on right now. I’d be writing to the wind. Better if I wrote the Easter Bunny…


This has been my personal and daily struggle for months now. I feel like Precious in that class when she had SO MUCH she needed to let out but it seems so much more socially acceptable to just hold it all in and hope I don’t choke on it.

Many times we curl up and hide pieces of us from the public spaces that we occupy in an effort to be respectable. An effort to minimize the shame… A shame that we all share.

I have a total of 11 drafts sitting undone and waiting for me to close them out. There’s also a book on one of my iDevices that should have been at least half done and…. NOTHING!

This is my first post since September and even that one was a slight. I just haven’t felt the motivation to write. Life was coming at me from a million angles and throwing a billion blows. I even picked up 15lbs in the melee. Life has a way of taking the things you love (in your mind anyhow) and beating the hell out of you. I don’t even mean the pretty Greco-Roman hell with the river and the stillness. I’m talking the Christian, seven circles hell that we often get dragged into and all up and through. I wasn’t hardly about to write about that! Hell… I was embarrassed that I even let myself get back in that space.

I’m back!ontrack

It’s like a storm. A darkness that approaches and envelopes everything you even think about… You often feel helpless as you know this darkness has a power that many can’t help you with as most still don’t believe it exists. “It’s all in your head” is the most common thing you hear. MOTHERFUCKER! I know it’s in my head! That’s why I can’t outrun it! Have you seen me? I’m a runner! If it were anywhere else I could escape it but here we are and here is the darkness. [There’ll be another post on The Darkness later]

I can’t promise the darkness won’t return. It has a way of coming back around. I can promise to keep fighting. I can also promise to WRITE.

Hell… I have enough drafts and material to write a year. LOL

Sidenote: How has your workout and eating plan been? Mine went to hell but it’s back too #LetsRunIt